Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The "Groupon" Project

One of the biggest, messiest, most difficult tasks in the 101 Tasks in 1001 Days project is #43, "Use or refund all expired 'Groupons'". It wasn't until I dug into this that I realized just how big, messy, difficult, and downright embarrassing this task is.

On the positive side, I've been a lot more choosy with my Groupon (and other deal) purchases… only making a total of 5 purchases so far in 2014.

But on the negative side, boy, have I bought a lot of deals. And boy have I let a bunch expire.

But admitting that I have a problem (ha ha) is clearly the first step… As such I am coming clean with this massive list of all the unused deal offers I had as of October 15. Why October 15 rather than November 4? Because I have been working on clearing some out, and want credit for it! Ha ha ha.

**updated 11/11/14**

Living Social (all expired)
#Where What Notes
1. High Dive $12 voucher ?? can apply to shows? punch cards? Sent note 11/11
2. Fremont Abbey Arts $28 voucher ?? can apply to samba classes?
3. Fern Life Center $62 voucher **in Issaquah - maybe on NYE?**
4. Dakota Art $15 in art supplies **Had a look on 11/7, lots of great choices, but I need to clean out craft supplies first!**

Amazon Local (all expired)
#Where What Notes
5. 6.  Precor $24 x 2 towards TWO 4-hour elliptigo rentals for 2 wait till summer
7. Paint Nite $25 for a class contacted Paint Nite on 11/11 to see how to redeem it

Gilt City (redeemed!)
#Where What Notes
8. Levitas 5 classes redeemed! 3/5 classes taken

River Valley Cheese (pre-paid classes)
#Where What Notes
9. R.V.C. 4 classes booked 2 classes for 11/22; will wait till new year for other 2!

Groupon (available!)
#Where What Notes
10. Mind Unwind painting class for 2 expires 1/16/15; choose photos, book class
11. Bikram Yoga Seattle 10 classes expires 1/13/15; start after Levitas finishes
Photobarn Wood photo ornament x3 redeemed! received super-cute ornaments 11/10
15. Mixturas $30 in food choose a date night!

Groupon (expired)
#Where What Notes
16. Precor $25 toward 4-hour rental
17. Curves $39 toward 20 drop-in sessions **now by the QFC**
18. Downtown Banya $30 toward 3 1-day passes **in EVERETT**
19. Elevated Sports $10 toward AIRobics for 2 who will go with me?
20. WASUP Yoga $35 toward 3 SUP yoga classes wait till summer
21. Surf Ballard $39 toward 2 2-hour rentals wait till summer
Kids Can Design $24.99 x2 to custom charms look into how to redeem these
24. Sweatbox Yoga $29 toward 10-class pass "redeemed" -- gifted to Carrie, who lives in Edmonds and might use it
25. Community Fitness $39 toward 10-class pass Spring?
26. European Rejuvenation $49 in services **in FACTORIA**
27. Queen Sheba $20 toward app, 2 combos, 2 desserts on Broadway
28. Fern Life Center $63 in services **in ISSAQUAH**
Queen of Seattle Paddleboat $19 x 4 towards boat ride wait till summer
33. Pan Africa $25 toward 3-course meal downtown Seattle
34. 35. Fusion Beads $20 x 2 in beadscomplete some stuff first
36. Desert Sun $99 in services go into 45th and Stone location to see about redeeming
37. Bedrock $30 to Mosaic Group Class wait till after they move in December 14
38. Fremont Abbey $25 voucher see if can be applied to samba classes
39. 40. Seattle Architecture Society $7 x 2 towards tours wait for Spring?
41. 42. Uptown Glassworks, Renton $20 x 2 towards glassblowing Groupon credited my account on 11/7
43. 44. Cellar Homebrew $25 x 2 towards cheese class check their schedule - still offer cheese classes?
45. 46. Paint the Town $10 x 2 for painting pottery U-Village
47.48. Body Shop $20 x 2 vouchers clear out toiletries, first
49. Emerald City Trapeze $30 toward 2-hour lesson Springtime
50 Smith Tower $7 towards observation deck visit Springtime
51. Bikram Yoga Seattle $30 voucher must wait at least 6 months after last class
52. 53. Herban Wellness $10 x 2 toward classes keep an eye on their class schedule; nothing looks great through 2014
54. Classy Chassis  $6 towards car wash in Tacoma -- get one next time I'm in town?
55. Emerald City Trapeze $30 toward 2-hour lesson Springtime
56. 57. Sea Kayak Shop $25 x 2 toward kayak trip wait till summer

Yep. That's a LOT of money tied up. Sure, it's over several years, but still. So you can see why I need to go through this list. I am going to keep updating this post with my running total of used, refunded, or otherwise resolved.

As of today, 11/7/14, I'm at 7.5/57. A long way to go, but farther along than I was two weeks ago!

Resolved Groupons

- 7.5 -
0 deals
57 deals


  1. I think I bought #7 also.

    There used to be a Desert Sun across from my old apartment by the Locks.

  2. You did also guy #7! I'll email them to ask about how we would going about redeeming... if we ever PICK A DANG PAINTING!!!!

    Also, there's a Desert Sun at 45th and Stone. Can't believe I bought a Groupon from them. Sheesh.