Tuesday, February 25, 2014

OMG OMG OMG: runDisney announced the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend today!

Was working on fixing a little hiccup on the site at work today when an email headline caught my eye. Just the preview of the headline, actually:

You're Invited - Take a Sneak…

Well, you know I couldn't resist. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but THE HULK!!!


I quickly read the (brief) email, which told me all I really needed to know. A Marvel Super Heroes-themed half marathon and 5K in Disneyland… and, to top it off, it's on our anniversary weekend. SO EXCITED!!!!

We'll have to figure out how to balance it against DesignerCon (which is, of course, the weekend before), but we will most definitely head down for the race. Registration opens on March 25. Did I mention that I'm excited??

The biggest question now: which super hero to run as??? There's part of me that just says, "Duh, it's Hulk." I mean, I have been using his line ("That's my secret, Cap -- I'm always angry") since the day I heard it. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW GREAT THE MERCH WILL BE?!?!?

Who needs glitter and wings when you can have SUPER HEROES?!?!

But, seriously… Hulk? Iron Man? LOKI?!?!?!? Who should I be?

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