Saturday, November 30, 2013

Races… why can't I quit you?

Having decided to cut down on actual races in 2014 and shift my focus more to consistency than events   (more on that later), I found myself at a bit of a loss when talking to my brother on Thanksgiving. I mean, other than the Tinker Bell 10K and Half Marathon in January, the only other race I actually had on my calendar was Rock 'n' Roll Seattle. Which, well, just didn't seem right.

See, I LOVE running events. I'm crazy about 'em. I love lining up with my fellow runners -- even the annoying ones! -- and having someone else do the planning and logistics. And, of course, I love the medals at the end.

But… but… I shouldn't need the bling to validate my run, right?


December 28, 2013
So I'm jonesing for races…. so much so that yesterday morning, before we left for Portland, I decided
to sign Team Wil-Sun up for the Seattle Locks Fat Ass Half Marathon -- it gets me a December race, will earn me half marathon #15 for 2013 (woot!), and it's free (with a donation…). Perfect!

I also added some proposed races to my 2014 race calendar -- perhaps I'll finally run the million inches?

And, finally, I think I might need to run the 12Ks of Christmas (finally). I mean, that pretty much guarantees it will get snowed out, but… it's the last of the classic Seattle-area fun runs that I haven't done. So it's probably time.

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