Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday workout... the bad and the good

I simply couldn't make myself get up today. Not sure why -- I mean, we had had an early night, my meeting had gone well yesterday, and I wanted to go to Boot Camp. Well, okay, clearly I didn't want to go to Boot Camp ENOUGH...

But when my alarm went off I just got up, turned it off, and returned to bed. A while later, Wil and I realized that our normal (6am) alarm hadn't gone off at all -- perhaps when trying to reverse the auto-update for Daylight Savings Time (which used to happen the first weekend in April, so our clock always tries to force it) we had actually moved it a day ahead.

So I guess I got to sleep in until 6:30... Wil got up and rode to work, I lay in bed willing myself to get up and exercise at SOMETHING.

Since I had run on Tuesday and Thursday, I figured I should do some strength workouts... so I turned to my Pinterest board, "You Better Work (Out)", and decided to do these three things.

1. "10 Minute Crossfit" (not cross fit at all, reallly, but a good little 10-minute cardio blast that got my heart pumping)

2. This "sexy leg" workout

(Which I didn't think was going to be that challenging, but I can feel that I did a bit of glute work already)

3. This core and arms workout

(My third time doing this, and it's still challenging.)

So I didn't get to enjoy quality time with Kerry and the Vast Fitness crew, but I do feel like I had 40 good minutes of cardio and strength training. Better than nothing!!!


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