Monday, July 4, 2011

4 for the 4th

We had talked about going to a small town, running their Fourth of July 5K, staying to watch the parade, and doing a big of flag waving. We had even chosen our target: Carnation's "Run for the Pies" -- a nice early race, an hour or two looking at their "hot rods and Harleys" show, and then a parade. But then we thought about it -- nearly an hour's drive, an early run, and then paying for the privilege of running with strangers and earning a white t-shirt decorated with a big American flag and three cartoon cows.

(Don't get me wrong -- the biggest issue is that it was a white t-shirt... I thought the flag and cows were kinda cute...)

So we declared our independence from organized fun runs, threw off our race director oppressors, and just ran to the lookout and back. Four miles for the Fourth.

Sure, there was no water stop, no chip timing, no souvenir shirt. But we also didn't pay $30 each just to run. Free(dom)!

And may I mention that today was my seventh run, with a week left to go? Sweet!

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