Tuesday, May 3, 2011

better a tiny run than no run at all...

Got home after a strange, disjointed day... and decided to go out for a run. Brisk weather, threatening to rain, with a bit of a wind. We set out for the lookout, running uphill between 65th and 75th. Suddenly, I was wheezing. Don't know if it was the cold, the stress, or what, but I couldn't breathe. I ran for about 4 minutes and just had to stop. A bit of a rest, then we started up again. Again I couldn't breathe. Boo.

Deciding that "better a tiny run than no run at all", we decided to keep it short -- running up to 75th and back home -- less than 2 miles round trip. Still, it was exercise, and that counts for something.

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