Sunday, April 3, 2011

ran today

Woke up this morning and decided to run. It helped that we had slept well, but also that we just got out of bed and into our running shoes. We decided just to go out to the lookout -- but of course I took off a little too fast for what is, essentially, the first run of the season. Still, even a short run is better than no run. So that's my mantra for the next couple of weeks.

Jeff Galloway is going to be speaking tonight in Bellevue; I've decided to go. Not that I need to be convinced about the run/walk method! I would, however, appreciate a little extra motivation. I signed up for his email newsletter and was sent an article on motivation. Nice. My favorite quote:

Regularity is important

While it is possible to miss several workouts and still survive the race, most exercisers who try this drop out of the program. The longer you wait to return to exercise, the more negative messages you receive, which can keep you from getting out there. If this is your problem, put “regularity” at the top of your list of commitments. Hint: On the “bad” days, just get out for 10 minutes.

So, clearly, regularity is what I need.

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