Monday, September 13, 2010

the new job is different...

Today was the first workout in the Brooks Fall Fitness Camp. I was a bit anxious about this, for a variety of reasons:
1. I would be appearing in workout gear with my new coworkers
2. My coworkers are a very fit lot
3. Two words: locker room

However, in the end, it was fine. Patrick, the trainer, was tough but focused. We started out inside (Body composition measurement! Eek!) to warm up, then headed outside for some drills, and then came back inside for weights, exercise balls, and a dazzling array of "planks". The cardio wasn't a challenge for me (huzzah!), but I suspect my abs will be painful tomorrow... and that I will struggle to raise my arms as well. My fellow "campers" are all nice, with a decent range of abilities and levels of competitiveness.

One big difference at the new gig: there are workout classes in the company gym. (Did I mention that the Brooks gym is bigger than the T-Mobile gym, and serves a tiny fraction of the number of employees?)

One other big difference at the new gig: it is completely acceptable to attend meetings in workout gear. Even if you're sweaty and didn't have time to get a shower before the mandatory meeting. (Hey, it was only a 30-minute meeting... and I had a shower after that.)

I do, however, need to acquire more Brooks/Moving Comfort gear -- it's simply Not Done to show up in anything else. :)

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