Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 miler

Went out for our long run today -- an 8-miler. Was thrilled that today was cool and misty -- my favorite running conditions. 60 degrees? Perfect.

I had plotted out a route up to the lookout then down to and across the locks, up to Gilman, then across Dravus and back across the Ballard Bridge, past the hate church and then home. Wil didn't want to end on an uphill, so we ran the other direction... which seemed to be ALL uphill... except for the very beginning, and the very end. Still, we plodded through it. I had a weird series of cramps in my right leg. First the right calf, then the right shin, and then the arch of my right foot. Weird. Clearly I just kept trying to shift my gait enough to stop one pain... and therefore created another.

Oh well. Took a little restroom break at the Locks, and then powered up the long long hill to the lookout. Managed not to hurl, but sucked plenty of wind. Oof.

We needed to do a few twists and turns to get to 8 miles, so ended up with some extra hills at the end... but made it home just fine. Next week we hit 10 -- which means we get to run my favorite running route -- down the trail to Fremont, around the lake, and then home. Yay!

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