Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sot's Hole, Sandwell Valley, and Swan Lake...

On our last day in England we got up and ran around the parks near Beck and Steve's place in West Bromwich. We started by running down to Sot's Hole, which is a really leafy little nature reserve.

Running down the hill through the reserve, we skirted the edge of a golf course and ran into Sandwell Valley reserve -- a huge expanse of fields and hedges. This bit was difficult to run on - tufty grass in clumps about the size of tennis balls -- perfect for some potential ankle turning.

We then ran alongside some fields as the weather got hotter and hotter, eventually passing a birder who said, "Nice day, innit?" and then "For now, anyway..." Typical English. :)

Eventually we crossed a very noisy motorway (the M5) and arrived at Swan Lake. (Swan Pond?). Not very big, it still serves as a swimming hole and training spot for triathletes (bless). We circled the lake, and then started to head back to Beck's house on a different, even leafier route.

Not a huge run, again, but nice to stretch our legs and see a bit of what felt suspiciously like countryside -- even in the industrial Midlands.

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