Sunday, February 28, 2010

farewell to February

My favorite mother-in-law gently scolded me for not blogging... so here goes.

It hasn't been the most active of months. I missed my mileage goal, didn't manage to get a consistent running rhythm back, and have still managed to sustain random injuries -- or maybe just flareups of what are now semi-chronic injuries.

But there are races ahead -- so I have to get back on track. Next big race is the Vancouver Half Marathon on May 2.

Still thinking about buying a treadmill... even though the days are getting longer and the weather is getting better, so it shouldn't be such a chore to get out and run. But there are plenty of nights when I don't really feel up to heading out into the real world... and just doing some fast running on a treadmill sounds appealing. I wonder how tall exactly the running deck of a decent treadmill is?

So let me try this again -- no more excuses. Looking back at last year, I wasn't exactly churning though the miles in February. I do think it's difficult to get back on track after a marathon. But last year I didn't have a race coming up in May! :)

Farewell February -- hello March!

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