Saturday, January 30, 2010

I ran!

FINALLY managed to make myself get out and go for a little run. We're looking after RE&M's beasties this weekend, see, and I had this idea that it might be great to take a doggie for a run... until I remembed that, of course, I don't even know how to walk a dog, let alone run with one. And I also realized that Ike is a pretty big, strong, energetic dog. Wil pointed out that I have this romantic idea of taking a dog for a run, but that I'm really not aware of all the issues involved. Too right.

So instead, we went over there, played with the pooches for a while, checked to see that Adventure the Hamster moved to a new spot, and checked to make sure Tilly had eaten. Then Wil went home with his poorly knee, and I went for a little run, to the lookout and back.

As usual, when running alone I haven't developed the discipline to pace myself. So after warming up for 5 minutes, I took off way too fast. But on I ran, feeling strong and really surprisingly good. I guess a 3-week rest is good for the body sometimes! It wasn't a long run, but it put me closer to my 50-mile point for the month. Might try to squeeze in a little run tomorrow to hit goal.

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