Thursday, December 10, 2009

pre-work treadmill

I knew I wouldn't fit a run in after work, so I ran in the morning on the treadmill at the work gym. It was pretty quiet -- one guy on a treadmill, the very dedicated lady on the stairmaster, a guy lifting free weights, and, later, a woman on the elliptical. No television, no talking, just the sound of the machines. Ahhh.

Warmed up for 5, then ran 55, then cooled down for 5. Managed to squeeze out 6.36 miles overall. Got a funny "note" from Joan Benoit Samuelson; "Congratulations! You've just recorded your fastest mile." But I figure that's because I have a new sensor so every run is a new distance, a new speed, etc.

Next run ... the Girls on the Run 5K! Where I'll be doing more skipping than running... perhaps in the snow?!?

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