Sunday, February 22, 2009

Green lake run

Ran at Green Lake this morning -- first time running outside in weeks. Not the best run, but a run's a run at this point. Contemplated going twice around, but just didn't feel like I had it in me. Had my usual trouble pacing myself -- I really need to work on that. 

The real result of the run is that I've realized that the Motozine isn't the phone for me. I like the camera, don't get me wrong, but I am clearly no longer capable of using a predictive text keyboard to enter anything. I tried posting even just the picture from the lake, but couldn't do it. And then when I got home and fiddled with sending a message for 15 minutes or so, I was able to post... but then when I looked at the post, it had tons of weird gobbeldygook attached. Awesome! So farewell Motozine. I hardly knew ye. Next test: the Samsung Behold...

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