Thursday, June 12, 2008

Green Lake run

Wanted to clear my head a little before the funeral, so I went to Green Lake to squeeze a run in. Did a 5-minute warmup walk, followed by a series of 5 6:1 run:walk sets. The first one was pretty slow, felt a bit stiff. Two and three were better, and I felt I was going really smoothly on number 4. On number 5 I sped up for the last 90 seconds, running as fast as I felt I could hold, so I was pretty pleased to stop and turn around. Mileage at that point was 3.84 miles -- not too bad for 40 minutes of walking and running. Then I walked for 5 minutes to cool down and spent a long time stretching.

Ran in to Road Runner to pick up a new sensor for my Nike+; hope springs eternal (and my Nano reports that the sensor's battery is low). So let's hope it performs better. Picked up some amusing race flyers as well... Bare Buns Fun Run, anyone?

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