Friday, April 4, 2008

slow week

The month started off promisingly... but here it is, the 4th, and I already feel as if I'm off the rails.

Didn't run yesterday ... felt restless when I got home and just couldn't bring myself to channel the energy into running. It was one of those days where you know you should just get changed and go out the door, but I could't make myself do it. Slept badly, worrying about work. Again.

Then today -- didn't go into the office as we had an all-hands meeting in the morning on this side of the lake, and then I had to deliver some stuff to one of our agencies, and then I met Wil for lunch... I had meant to sneak in a short run at the gym downtown... but felt stuffed after a tasty tasty Indian lunch so went home instead and put in a few more hours of work.

However, I did manage to motivate myself to get on my bike. Just in the trainer, mind you, but I got on the bike and rode for 45 quick minutes. There's a strange clicking noise when I pedal, possibly from the pedal/cleat interface itself. Couldn't really sort it out myself, and since I was in the trainer, I just kept pedaling. My legs already feel a bit sore. But happy that I got a little exercise in.

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