Sunday, April 20, 2008


I know we're softies here, that out winters aren't harsh when you compare them to other places.

But it's April. April 20th, to be exact. And today we ran in the snow. Little hard pellets somewhere between snow and hail. What's up with that?

Green Lake had several diehards out walking and running. We should have gone around 3 times, sorta hoped to go around 2 times, but felt so miserable and weatherbeaten that we just made it around once. So not the best workout, 3 weeks from our half marathon. Wil and I swore to each other that we won't miss another workout between now and the half. We'll see. I'm starting to worry.

My ankle felt fine, but I have a nagging little pain in my right knee. I wonder if I'm still favoring the ankle and little, and have therefore started running in a way that hurts my knee? Who knows. At least the weather will be warmer at Grand Coulee.

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