Tuesday, April 8, 2008

gimpy girl

Wanted to get a little exercise in today, despite the blustery weather. So I paid a quick visit to the gym downtown -- the first gym visit in weeks, as we've been running outside. But I wanted some mellow, cushioned walking/running to see how my ankle did.

Did a 5-minute warmup at a 4.0 mph, then bumped it up to 5.5 for the next 5 minutes, and then up to 5.6 for 5 minutes. I got a cramp in the front of my right shin, so I decided to take a 1-minute break and walk at 4.0 mph again. That made my leg feel better, so I bumped back up to 5.5 for the next 10 minutes, even though I felt a funny twingy/cramp/pinch/weakness in my left glute -- I figure I was compensating for my right ankle and shin. But it worked itself out, for the most part. Did another 1-minute 4.0 mph walk break, then back up to 5.5 for 8 more minutes before cooling down slowly for 5. Not a huge amount of distance -- 3.59 -- but I didn't want to push myself and my poorly ankle. Feel pretty good about it now.

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