Tuesday, April 29, 2008

longer runs, shorter blogs

Somehow I'm really having trouble keeping up with this blog! The good news is that I'm getting most of my workouts in, at least...

Sunday was our LSD run; got up, ate some oatmeal, and then got ready to head out. Passed Kory a few doors down, she said we were out early (we were on the road before 9 a.m.) and we told her we were headed out for a ten-mile run. I think she may have thought we were kidding.

So out we went, heading west towards the locks, then across the locks and through the industrial area at the foot of Magnolia, out past where the school buses sleep, and out to the waterfront park. We turned around at the 5.75 mile point (I think?), then ran back across Dravus, across the Ballard Bridge, and then (the only really frustrating part) had to do some aimless running near Fred Meyer to make sure we'd hit 10 miles before we got home. Felt really good until the Fred Meyer meandering... and then really hit the wall on the uphill home. Passed Kory again, who said "Wow, you guys were gone for a long time!" I mean, yeah, we're slow, but we did go TEN MILES...

The best part was not feeling sore at all the next two days -- I think we did a good job of stretching when we got home.

Monday I skipped my ride. Left work early with a banging headache and in a foul mood; did a bunch of little tidy projects in the basement but never managed to motivate myself to get in the saddle.

Today got home and the weather was grim. Wil was excitedly playing Grand Theft Auto IV, so I got caught up on some reading and played with the cats. At some point I noticed that it had stopped raining so I quickly changed clothes and headed out for a 55-minute run. Walked 5 minutes, ran pretty much straight through 55 minutes, and then cooled down for 4 (I got home). Ran uphill for the first 20 minutes; Very Slowly. Sped up quite a bit in the last 10 minutes (downhill and close to home). Feel pretty good about the run. Had to struggle to keep with it; really wanted to quit after 25 minutes, but decided if I could just make myself keep going for 5 or 10 more, then I'd be out for the entire planned workout because I was so far from home! Only had to do some meandering when I got back across 15th.

Tomorrow I have a Very Important Meeting so I'm not going to swim before work. (It really wouldn't do to turn up with swim goggle face!) Depending on how things go I'll try to squeeze in a swim in the evening.

The OTD Run is just around the corner -- feeling nervous, but having had a good 10-miler on Sunday I am confident that we'll have no trouble finishing. Sure, they may have sent all the volunteers home by the time we finish, but we'll finish!

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