Thursday, September 25, 2008

keys for success

So this morning I had a meeting in downtown Seattle at 9:30, so it didn't make sense for me to trek across the bridge for 7:30, then trek back for 9:30. So I decided to get my little run in in the morning.

Went out along my usual way to Sunset Hill Park, then back, feeling no real twinges in my knee (but finding the neoprene brace a little weird on my leg). Discovered that they've done something wonderful at 75th that I won't spoil by telling you about, but will post a photo when I get a chance. Then home, where I was in a bit of a hurry (because it was 8:45) so I decided I'd stretch inside.

Except that I couldn't.

Because I had grabbed the wrong keys.

And had locked myself out of the house.

Now, if I had needed to show my Fred Meyer Club Card I would have been set. If I had needed to get into my (always unlocked) desk drawer, I would have been fine. If I had needed to get into the bike locker at work, sorted.

But I had no keys to the house... no phone... no wallet.

Because it wasn't yet 9am, I thought I might be able to hurry up to Reba's house to borrow her set of keys. So back I hurried, hoping that she would be home. A mile later, success! A set of keys, some hurried pleasantries with Peter, and then home. Got into the house, jumped in the newly unblocked shower, and was out the door in minutes.

Not the best morning, but I *did* get a run in. And I felt pretty good during the run, and still feel good. Still behind on mileage for the month, but a girl does what she can, eh?

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