Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've always been clumsy. Never in my life have I successfully completed a cartwheel. Never have I managed to juggle. And never have I kept a hula hoop spinning more than once before clattering to the floor.

Until today.

Attended a HoopDelite "playshop" and, within minutes, was able to hula hoop. Okay, sure, I can't keep the hoop spinning for more than a minute or so at a time, but I can hoop! And, yes, I still look like a spastic giraffe when I hoop, but I can hoop! Had to be careful because when the hoop falls, it had a tendency to smack my knee -- OUCH! I think my knee made me a bit too tentative today. But I learned some cool "off-body hooping" and I think, with practice, I'll actually "get it" and be able to reduce my motion while still keeping the hoop spinning. I even bought a beautiful swirly hoop and hoop tote (so portable!), so I can practice at home. Maybe after I get more skilled at basic hooping, I'll go back for another playshop.

BTW, my knee is feeling much better (except when it's smacked with a hoop). My left shoulder, however, feels stiff and sore.

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