Monday, September 29, 2008

clumsy me

So Wil posted the pic from yesterday's run... all I know was, we were running down a hill, preparing to turn a corner, and then I was sliding across the sharpest pavement in the world. Must have just barely caught my toe on a tiny ridge in the pavement. A less clumsy person wouldn't have done it. Perhaps I wouldn't have done it except that my shoes were brand new and a little too grippy. Oh well.

Apparently a man in a nearby yard kept an eye on us -- to make sure Wil wasn't attacking me or something like that. But Wil got me off my knees, had me sit for a bit, kept me from crying, and then got us moving again. We agreed that there was no point in trying to clean the scrapes there and then -- "Might as well let the blood push the grit out."

Tried to avoid seeing too many people (except for that block along 15th...). Passed a handful of horrified pedestrians who "Oooooh!"ed at me; I just said "I'm okay, I'm okay" back at them. Then home, where I discovered that my knees had gone numb. This made scrubbing the pebbles out pretty easy because I couldn't feel a thing. Then a big dollop of neosporin and two big Band-Aids and I was good as new.

A day later and I've finally let the wounds "breathe" a bit. They're prickly and itchy but not giving me too much pain. I'm hoping I'll actually be able to go out for a little run later.

I'll try to be more careful!

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