Sunday, August 3, 2008


Got up early this morning, ate half a bagel each (mine with cheese, Wil's with peanut butter), and then got ourselves ready to go. Had a very brief chat with Wil's mum, then headed out for our nine-mile run. Decided to replicate (and slightly extend) the route west on 65th, south on 32nd, across the locks, past all the maritime businesses and around towards the bike trail through the railyard, and out along the water almost to the grain elevators. Then doubling back until we hit the Dravus overpass, then across the Ballard Bridge, and towards home. Felt better today than I did running last week; the weather was pretty cool which helped a lot. Wil and I wore our Human Race tops, which was a bit funny but we were also thrilled with how great they wicked away sweat. Nice work, Nike!

Felt pretty good physically -- was able to distract myself with thoughts of Disney World and the minute details of advanced dining reservations. My right hip feels a little achy now, hours later, and my right arch feels a little bruised and rubbed. I'm happy to have a day of running rest tomorrow.

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