Monday, August 4, 2008

bike commute XT

Now that I'm a pledged member of Team Wonderbike (what?!? no t-shirts?!?) I decided I needed to ride in to work. My quads had other ideas. I was so sore that even the downhill bits hurt. Yikes. Just barely made it to the bus stop -- I literally raced the bus across the street to get on it. Maybe it was a tiny bit early -- the other bikey also arrived at the last minute. But I made it, and had a totally uneventful trip across the bridge. I did, however, make a point of noticing just how far the Mercer Island P&R is from the I-90 bridge. Far.

The way home was also pretty grim -- I quickly put all thought of riding to Mercer Island out of my mind when I could barely push the bike over the little bridge. So on to the bus I went, and then tried a new (and awkward) route to get to Dexter. Some day the penny is going to drop and it will all make sense. But for now, it's a pain.

A very slow ride up Dexter -- other bikeys leaving me in the dust. Wil reminded me that it was very windy, and very hot, so perhaps that's why I struggled. That and the fact that my quads were screaming!

Was going to meet Wil in Ballard, but he decided to wait for me along the BGT in Fremont. So we rode in to Ballard together, tried to order our new license plate, failed, but at least we got the tabs. Then home, where we both complained about our quads. I figured it's mainly due to our nine-mile run yesterday; Wil thinks that our slow but long (time-wise) ride on Saturday also had an effect. Probably a bit of both.

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