Tuesday, April 28, 2009

goal achieved!

Managed to squeeze in a run between my last meeting and the first bus across the bridge this afternoon -- really nice little treadmill run, distracting myself between 1980s dance music and an afternoon Mariners/White Sox game. Warmed up for 5, then ran 45 minutes at a gradually increasing pace, then a 5-minute cooldown before a quick shower and a dash to the bus. The 5.23 miles put me over the top for my April goal -- HOORAY! -- the first monthly goal I've hit this year, I think. So hopefully I am now officially back on track.

Oh, and yesterday I went to water exercise at the gym. Oddly enough, it was the same basic crowd as the week before, with one Very Large exception. Is it possible that removing one Very Large person -- who, both times I have encountered her, fosters dissent with her constant complaining -- makes for a more enjoyable workout? Also had a different instructor than last week. In the three times I've been to that class, I've had three different instructors. Weird.

Tomorrow is an XT day; maybe I'll get gung ho and put my bike in the trainer. :)

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