Sunday, April 5, 2009

back on track

Okay, we're over our colds (finally). And the horrible weather seems to have abated for a bit. And then last night I read a very nice article in Runners World about getting back on track after being derailed by illness.

So today was the day to get back out there. We woke up nice and early, feeling rested, and with neither of us feeling sick. We laced up and headed out before 8:00. We were scheduled to run a 5.0 mile LSD, but we decided to be responsible and just run a nice easy 4-miler. We set off, nice and easy, and then Wil sent us up the hill from 65th to 75th. By the time we hit the top, we were huffing and puffing and decidedly warm. We ran 5:1 intervals, and at the end both of us felt fine.

In bigger news, our pal Lindsay ran the Birch Bay Road Race yesterday -- I'm so proud of her! (And so glad that this year's pack didn't get lost. :) )

It's been a very good weekend -- a productive day yesterday, then a good run today. I have high hopes for April.

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