Wednesday, February 18, 2009

finally, another run

There's been a lot going on, between work and Bub being ill and me just feeling stressed out in general -- and I've been using it as an excuse not to run. Even though I know that running helps me relax, gives me time to think. Or maybe just time NOT to think.

Wil has ridden his bike to work the past two days; he said he's surprised at how easy it was, despite not having cycled in months. But, as he said, we did just run a marathon a month or so ago. So we must be reasonably fit, right?

Anyway, I packed gym clothes and running shoes in my work bag this morning. I even realized I'd left my iPod in the house and ran back for it -- figuring that I wanted to remove any excuses I might make up during the day. So instead of getting on a 28 bus, I got on an 18 and got off the bus across the street from the gym.

I had the wild idea that I might get a run in AND go to the water exercise class, but I missed my first bus from Factoria and didn't have time. (And I had thought I had until 6:30 rather than 6:05... but I didn't actually look at the schedule online.)

But I got changed and went upstairs to the cardio room. I decided to try the big room, rather than the small one, because I felt maybe my clomping along wouldn't be so obvious there. I warmed up for 5 minutes, ran at a slow 5.5mph pace for 30 minutes, then spend 5 minutes bumping up my speed .1mph each minute for a slightly faster finish. Then 5 minutes of cooldown.

I felt pretty good -- though my back feels sore again. (Weird.) I ran 4.25 miles in all, which makes that the longest run since the marathon. Kinda pathetic, but I'm going to settle for being pleased with myself for actually going and running.

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