Friday, February 20, 2009

brick, sorta

Went to the gym after work -- well after coming home and tidying up a bit -- and did a very short run -- 2.25 miles, 5+20+5. In the 20-minute run I picked up the pace faster than usual, starting at 5.5 and bumping up .1 every few minutes, finishing at 6.5. So that was good.

Cut the run short so that I could FINALLY try the water exercise class. I've never been to one (other than aboard the QE2, which reminds me suddenly of the terrible storm and the water in the pool pitching back and forth...). Anyway, I wanted to try it, and it was... okay. There was a substitute instructor, and I felt a little bad for her because there was a grouchy "old" woman. I say "old" because she could well have been my age -- tough to tell. But she criticized the instructor twice, which was weird, because she wasn't even really doing the move right that she said was silly. Oh well.

I'll try it again sometime; I do feel I got some good upper body and core exercise in. Happier still that I ran.

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