Monday, October 20, 2008

36 hours later...

So it's been about 36 hours since we ran our second half marathon -- and we both *still* feel great! Wil's got a pain in his foot -- the same pain he had before the race -- and I'm a little stiff in my right leg, which I think I'll attribute to the driving back from Portland today. Otherwise, still feeling stupidly pleased with ourselves. We must have told 20 strangers yesterday that we did a half marathon in the morning!

Wil and I were both saying before the race that of course we would be able to finish, but we weren't sure how we would finish -- strong or just barely. We decided that it would either be an affirmation that our training was going well... or a wake-up call that we needed to get more serious. Afterwards we confessed to each other that we were both worried that it would be a huge wake-up call! So we are thrilled, tickled, overjoyed at how well it went. Now, it's not as if we were fast... not by a long shot. But we did finish, we finished pretty strong, and we felt great at the end. So hooray!!!

Of course, it may have been the post-race pints that helped... I mean, some carbs for energy, some alcohol to help us relax, a bit of dancing around, then showers, a nap, and a long walk around Portland. Might be the perfect recovery recipe!

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