Sunday, November 4, 2007

7:2 x 3

Just back from our 7-minute run. We should have run yesterday, but were waiting for delivery of our furniture. (It's lovely, thanks for asking...)

On Friday night we were out running errands and ended up buying new shoes - Saucony Grid Excursions. I don't think they'll be as good as our current Saucony Grids.... but I wanted to break in a new pair of shoes -- or at least to try running on fresh shoes.

So this morning Wil got us up and moving and out of the house reasonably early. (The time change certainly helped.) Over to the track, on a misty cool morning. I felt really sluggish at first -- my feet felt "heavy", for some reason. But a few minutes in to the first 7 I felt okay, and actually felt good at the end. The second 7 was good, though I felt as if I was running out of steam at the end. The final 7 was really hard for me -- I was tired and out of breath. But I just kept plodding until the end.

Now feeling an ache in my right knee and a tender spot on my achilles where I cut myself last week.

We didn't eat or drink anything before our run, which is probably why it was so hard. We're going to have to balance our morning run needs with morning food. We're also at the point where we need to have water with us.

Even though today's run was tough, I still think we're getting better. My legs feel stronger, and I feel like I can breathe more efficiently. Tuesday is our next run: 8:2 x 3.

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