Thursday, November 1, 2007

5:3 x 3

Ran today over at the high school track. Running on the softer, flat surface almost feels like cheating. We ran 5 minutes, then walked 3 minutes, three times over -- the same pattern we ran two days ago. The difference being that it was almost easy this time out. We ran faster and I managed to keep talking most of the time. I felt good -- even in the first set -- and still felt strong in the third set. Weather was perfect -- crisp but bright (at least until the sun started going down...)

These short days and early nights are going to make running challenging this winter.

Last night we watched an episode of Nova on PBS that was about marathoning. Being a complete sap, it easily had me in tears. Betsey was particularly inspiring -- going from having to stop her VO2 test because of an irregular heart beat to having a "superior" rating on a VO2 test in nine weeks is amazing to me. And, yes, Wil was right -- I am wondering where we can go to get VO2 tests...

I was just so impressed by watching these diverse, disparate individuals all come together and all finish the Boston Marathon after only 9 months of training. Completely inspiring. It just made me feel more committed.

Rest day tomorrow, then we go up to a 7-minute run and 2-minute walk on Saturday.

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