Thursday, July 13, 2023

13x13, July Edition

June's project was to revisit a project I started back in 2021. I ice-dyed some Aida and then stitched two of these lovely motifs from a set called Dark Shadows. And then, well, nothing. 

This year I decided to stitch another of the motifs -- the crows on a candelabra -- and make all three of them up into ornaments. I didn't really know how I would finish them... little pillows? Mounted in tiny frames? In the end, I mounted them on and old cereal box and then on some black felt. I added some fancy trims from "the weird box of fancy trims" and, well, here they are. 

Of course, I look at them now and think how uneven they look, but I actually like them. I still have one more piece of purple Aida that I might use to stitch a fourth, but these were my three favorite motifs so I might stop there. 

For next month, I'm going back to my beloved Mill Hill Beads kits. These are so compact and so satisfying, and I always enjoy stitching them. I like how playful and bright Eyeball Martini looks!

As usual, I'll check back in on August 13 to share my finished ornaments, as well as my next project. I'm really pleased with all the projects I have completed so far this year... I'm already thinking I could extend this project into next year, too. Heaven knows I have plenty more things to work on, and I love making them!

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