Saturday, October 16, 2021

Larry Scott Trail Half Marathon race report

*I'm writing this race report months later, but backdating it to race day.

In 2020 I expected to run my 99th and 100th half marathons. But given the pandemic and the fact that most races turned into virtual events, it wasn't until October 2021 that I got to run #100. (I ran the races in 2020, but don't "count" virtual events in my totals.)

I had told the race director ahead of time that this would be my 100th race, and, well, they saved bib #100 for me. 

It was a really gorgeous morning -- bright and cool. 

It wasn't a big race, which was fine by me. Eventually we gathered by the starting arch and set out. 

We started along the paved trail, which ran along the shoreline before turning into a forest. 

A small race and us walking meant we were on our own most of the time. But the volunteers were friendly, the course was pretty, and the day was fine. 

Eventually we approached the finish line -- not last, but there weren't many runners left. But they still had the arch set up, and the announcer gave me a special shout out, and the volunteers all cheered. Very, very kind. 

Larry Scott Trail Half Marathon
15:02 pace

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