Saturday, April 5, 2014

Daffodil Challenge Part Three: Sumner

Two down, two to go. Other than a couple of visits to the Brooks distribution center, I don't think I have ever been to Sumner before -- certainly not to downtown Sumner.

Sumner Daffodil Parade Route

No, you're not imagining it -- the parade routes get shorter… yet the race courses stay at 5K. (Duh.)

This race was a little more challenging -- it had the shortest break between races (1:45, as opposed to 2:30 for the others),  and we somewhat foolishly decided to grab lunch between the runs. Oh well! 

We got to the race start with little trouble, parked a block away from the start, and just relaxed for 15 minutes. Again, we managed to mistime things, and were caught in the porta potty line at the start. (At least there were three potties at this start!)

So we essentially found ourselves sprinting through the crowd again, before just deciding to relax and enjoy it. 

The part of the race on the parade route was my favorite, of course -- lots of people watching and cheering, even a few high fives. Oh, and these cute paintings on the road:

A couple of blocks from the finish a well-meaning volunteer told us to "pick it up! You can't walk to the finish!" Umm, yeah we can, if we want to. But we didn't. We made the almost final turn and started our "finishing kick" (ha ha), zipping past quite a few people.

A quick kiss and then we started to head back to the car. Next stop: ORTING!

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