Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Substitute Boot Camp

My beloved boot camp is on hiatus until January... so when I saw a deal on an INDOOR boot camp not too far from our house, well, I figured it would be a good substitute.

I went to workout today -- and had a blast. Now, it's not fun and playful -- I mean, no one really chatted during the workout, which was a little odd -- but I got a great workout, and, yes, it was very nice to be indoors.

We ran laps around the basketball court to warm up, then did sets of exercises -- squats, pushups, and abs -- interspersed with more laps for cardio.

I like the facility -- a "basketball academy", who knew? -- but once we get back from Florida I'm excited to start back up with Kerry!

(Oh, and, yeah, I'm already sore....)

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