Monday, September 24, 2012

"This is good...."

Sometimes, during particularly tough exercises at boot camp, I hear Miley (sp?) say under her breath, "this is gooooooooood.... this is goooooooooooood...."  I was running next to her on Friday and she said it, which made me laugh. I mentioned it, and she said, "Oh, do I? Huh. Well, I guess it *IS* good..."

Friday was tough -- though I can't really remember it. And then today... OOF. I am already sore, and I know it will just get worse tomorrow. But, as Miley says, "this is gooooooooood...."

After warming up, we did a tabata workout -- first set was squat jumps, then v-ups, then burpees, then bicycles. (I think?) We all noticed that midway through the second round of squat jumps, all of us were hurting. And it just went on and on... I can't even REMEMBER what the second set was. Fierce.

The group was really big today -- 16 people -- possibly the largest boot camp ever? And even though I feel bad that I haven't interacted much with the new recruits, I still blame that on the fact that it's super dark for the first half of the workout.

I have a meeting at 7am tomorrow, so no pre-work run for me. Heck, I'll be lucky to be there by seven! But I think I may be able to get a run in after work. We'll see. I did run on Thursday -- a slow run around Green Lake, but at least it was a run.

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