Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boot camp!!!

On Monday Kerry asked us what we wanted to work on on Wednesday. So we emailed our requests in, and Kerry designed a super-workout for us.

As I think back to this morning... well, a lot of it was a blur. We did a lot of arm work -- running with our arms up in the air holding resistance bands. Warming up in our usual way, then traveling over to the first hill to do lunges up the hill... with our arms over our heads. I don't usually have pictures from boot camp, but Kerry snapped this and sent this out today:

We then moved over to the hill on the side and did ab work "up hill". A bit of team band work followed -- including the punches I love. Then to the "big" hill, where we ran a series of hill sprint repeats. That's when I thought I would lose it... oh, and I felt like I tweaked my hamstring. At the top we did pushups and dips.

Then back down the hill and we returned to the lower field for cool down. All in all a really fantastic workout. On Friday we'll test. I don't feel particularly fast for the mile, and I also am not sure if I feel very strong for pushups, sit-ups or planks. We'll see. 

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