Tuesday, January 3, 2012

more running!

Wil is awesome. He ran home from work today, through the drizzle, dark, and construction detours. I think he's brave, but he just thinks it's normal. 

Meanwhile, when he arrived home, I was struggling to figure out just which model T5 treadmill is in our basement so I could do a bit of troubleshooting. Why wouldn't it turn on? I searched online for the manual, but couldn't find one for my particular LifeFitness treadmill. When Wil came home, triumphant, I was just starting to go through out giant file of manuals (man, we own a lot of stuff...) in the hopes of finding the treadmill manual. 

Wil, meanwhile, went downstairs and told me he "fixed" it. Sure enough, he had.... but sticking the magnetic "dead man's brake" back on to the console. Oops. Possibly the funniest thing was that as I kept staring at the console, wondering why it wouldn't start, I kept thinking that I had never noticed the yellow ring around the unmarked button. Which was, of course, the spot where the magnet attaches...

Anyway, Wil got in a good 5.5 miles, and I had a slow but steady 3.39 miles. January's total so far: 7.53 miles. More than January, March, and November, and .01 miles more than April. Now, I'm not saying that 7.53 is a good result, or anything like that, but I feel happy that at least I've gotten two runs in so far!

In other news, I went in for my "10 week fitness challenge" assessment this morning with Dillon at the Fitness Lab. Is there anything more awkward than having a small, fierce, fit woman take your measurements first thing in the morning? I stood there thinking that I bet I'm the chubbiest lady she works with. But at least she said, "Wow, you've got strong legs." So I've got that going for me. Dillon took lots and lots of measurements with a tape measure, scale w/body fat percentage thingy, and (everyone's favorite) -- calipers. And at the end she took a set of "before" pictures. I'm almost afraid to see them. But maybe one day I'll treasure them. Or something.

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