Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mile High

Headed for Denver for RnR -- with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Nervous because I'm travelling with people I don't know well, but work with. Nervous because I don't feel very speedy -- or even fit, for that matter -- and I'm running on Sunday. Excited because you know how I love a race expo -- and I'll be there for DAYS. Also because I'll be running in a new city, new state, which I love.

Today is set-up day, which I've done before. Basically we get there and start unpacking boxes -- separating clothes from shoes, MC product, and cavalcade prizes. Then we'll go through and put everything in size order and then merchandise them on the racks, adding signs and things to make them look pretty. This will take all day. I really enjoy this -- it gives me a chance to see all of the apparel in person... and to do a little browsing!

Friday and Saturday I'll be working the Cavalcade -- either handing out the cards, supervising a game, or doling out prizes. Friday night there's a "VIP Party" (ha ha) with Competitor -- we'll see how long I last. :)

Saturday the expo closes at 5, and then it's all hands on deck while we break down the booth. Apparently it's much faster to break down than set up. Very cool.

Then back to the hotel for an early night -- Sunday morning our call tie is 4:40 am. WOW. That will get us over to the start area in time to set up the VIP Porta Potty and start serving customers.

Then at 6:55 am, the race starts! I'm in corral #13 -- Lucky 13 -- out of 16. (17?) Puts me safely in the bottom third of the pack, where I expect (hope?) to finish.

Then what? Who knows. My flight isn't until 6:15, which means I might be able to catch part of the game on TV. :) Of course I also don't know if I"ll be needed after the race -- or if I'll be able to shower and change!

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