Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 day challenges...

The other day I got an email from Athleta with a "30 days of new challenge", which I thought was intriguing... even if a number of the items were "mommy" related and therefore not relevant. I also laughed that it came on the 23rd of the month (rather than around the first), and in the month before a 31-day month. But whatever.

I wanted to look at it again, so I searched for "30 days challenge" and was astounded by the number of hits. Apparently a lot of people do 30-day challenges. Some take the angle of "try something new every day for thirty days", while others try to develop a habit by doing something for thirty days straight. 

I do like the idea of trying something new every day -- or, if not new, something different (if you know what I mean). I also like the idea of following someone else's list -- I mean, if it's just my "to do" list, it's less... serendipitous... 

While searching for more guidance, I came across September's GOOD 30-Day Challenge -- late at night on the 29th of the month. Boo. 

I'm a Capricorn -- I like order. Of course I have to start on the 1st. No, really. I do. 

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