Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday LSD Run

Today was another of our famous Long Slow Distance runs.... 10 miles down to and around the Cheshiahud Loop. Wil was a superstar, as usual, and took off at such a fast pace that I thought I was going to be sick. This provided me with a great little distraction as we zipped along... "Ooh, I think I will be sick.... should I stop? Should I slow down? What happens if I do throw up? Well, I'll just keep going, I suppose... Ooh, might be sick... good to try and run through it... that would be very brave...."

Eventually, at around mile 3, my stomach had settled enough that I needed to find something else to distract me. Deliverance arrived in the form of a tiny French bulldog puppy, all fawn-colored (not even a dark face), accompanied by his humans -- two charming gentlemen strolling in their pajamas. The puppy spotted us, stopped cold, and when we got close, started running along with us. Adorable. I've never seen a Frenchie that color -- a lovely pale beige color, with a very sweet face. Adorable!

I spent the next mile or so imagining a doggie like that living with us, cuddling with the cats, wagging his tiny tail when we got home. But I don't think we have a dog-friendly lifestyle.

We rounded the bottom of the lake as the purple S.L.U. Trolley sped past us. I know that the sidewalk is set at a "safe distance" from the trolleys, but they do seem to come very close! Felt pretty strong until the "big hill" -- I ran halfway, but then stopped at the steep bit. Wil, however, powered all the way up. Bless.

Not much more to report -- we ran across the University Bridge, over to the Burke-Gilman Trail, and then through Fremont to home. Felt pretty strong the whole way, and very confident going in to Disneyland next weekend. Coast to Coast Medal here we come!

In only vaguely related news, I start my new job at Brooks on Monday -- very exciting!

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