Saturday, December 19, 2009

10 Miler

Wil's foot is still really hurting, so I didn't want him to run today. I'd even rather he stay in tomorrow and do cardio on the bike trainer downstairs. So I did a solo 10-miler around the Cheshiahud loop in the cool drizzle. I've never been very good at pacing myself -- Wil is the one with the good, steady pace. So the first few miles I either ran too fast and felt sick, or I ran too slowly. Looking at my run on Nike+, what is usually a smooth line is an ekg of chaos. Oh well. I also felt strangely anxious about the run. Would I be able to complete it without Wil? I also got strangely bored.

A few amusing distractions: saw three different women twice around the loop; each time we smiled and waved. Also decided to try the mint chocolate Gu rather than the chocolate Hammer Gel. It's much denser than Hammer Gel -- more like frosting. It tasted great, but was hard to wash down. So I'll stick with the old standard.

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