Sunday, May 7, 2023

Christmas Holly Stitch-a-Long, part 2

Hi everyone! It's been a busy three weeks -- amusingly, I felt like I hadn't gotten much done, but when I compare my "before" and "after" pics, I feel pretty good. 

Here's where I was last time: 

And here's where I am now:

Thanks for the feedback from my last post -- where I didn't like the colors and thought the leaves felt washed out. I think you're right, that when I get more of the leaves stitched I'll feel happier with it. The different leaves represent different types of holly, and by our next check in I'll have finished all the leaves in this color, and will be moving on to another type. 

In the meantime, don't forget to check out the amazing projects my fellow stitchers are working on -- I love seeing what they're working on! Avis, Claire, Gun, Christina, KathyMargaret, Heidi, JackieMegan, Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, AJCathie, LindaHelenConnieCindy, and Mary Margaret.


  1. love how the shading makes the holly leaves so 3-dimensional

  2. You've done a lot of stitching. I look forward to seeing the next holly variety.

  3. You're right, you've done loads!!! It's looking great already and am very excited to see the other details next update

  4. The more you do, the more definition there seems to be. Beautiful!

  5. You made lots of great progress. I missed last posting but on this post I think the leaves look great and are standing out really well :)

  6. That is great progress Sunny, looking good!