Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Slime Run -- let's get slimed!

 2013 was the year of the "weird little run". I did a "color run" (the Color in Motion 5K), a "mud run" (Muddy Buddy), two "zombie runs" (the "Zombie Run" as a human, "Run for Your Lives" as a zombie, where I rather spectacularly broke my finger), and even a "bubble run" (The Bubble Run). I was not planning on doing any more of this type of run. But. well, y'see, there was a Groupon… so… Wil and I bought 'em and finally got round to signing up yesterday.

The premise? It's like a mud run, I suppose -- except with luminous green slime and no mud. Well, I say luminous green… but the map has a few different colors indicating the "slime zones"…

Does that mean the slime will be different colors??? The mind boggles…

With our registration (a relative bargain at $25, thanks to the Groupon), we get a Slime Run headband (which I will rock on race day, and never again afterward…), a plastic Slime Run mug (clearly Goodwill-bound…), a "barrel of slime run slime", and, when we finish, a medal. Not sure I need / deserve a medal after a 5K, but I do love me some bling…

Not sure if I've actually managed to make this sound appealing… but Team Wil-Sun will be getting our goo on in Seattle (well, okay, Carnation…) on April 4!

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