Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy living, part 1

Today I tried a new boot camp - Trinity Training in Woodinville. Why? Well, Vast is in hiatus... And of course there was a Groupon involved...

The Metabody Fitness Pass offered 30 classes at your choice of 14 gyms and studios around Seattle. And for $20, if I only go twice, I am still ahead of the game.

I had a rough time finding the place, and I turned out that I was the only person at the 7am slot... Which was funny because about 8 exhausted people were leaving the 6am slot when I arrived.

Mike, the trainer, was friendly and funny and super encouraging. I found the cardio part easy, and the strength part very hard. This felt very much more "butch" than I am used to... It was much more of a "boy" boot camp. But very, very cool.

The space is a baseball gym -- batting cages, posters of baseball players, weights, signs for catcher and pitcher camps. But in the mornings, Mike puts people through their paces. And pace me he dd. Lots of push-ups, none of them modified. A lot of ab and core work. Chin ups. Yeah, chin ups. (Well, okay, assisted chin ups, but still...) My arms are already tired and it has only been 17 minutes since the workout ended. Ooof.

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  1. This looks like fun. I wish I lived in a more populated area so I access to some of this kind of stuff!