Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday run

So... Monday was the first official day of our Goofy training program... and we decided to skip our run due to baseball. :) Tuesday was meant to be a cross-training day, but we missed that because we spent nearly 2 hours at Costco, finally having "the big shop" that we hadn't done since we got back from our trip.

So yesterday was a "run -- or else!" day. We got home from work around 5, then quickly changed clothes and headed out to the lookout. It was a timed run, rather than a distance run, and we did our usual 5 minutes of walking warmup and cooldown, and 41 minutes of running. I felt really stiff at first, sorta feeling like I wasn't loose and warm until about 30 minutes in. Oh well. But we ran, and it was okay. 4.61 miles (including the walking -- forgot to turn the darn thing off...)

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