Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soho, so hot

Arrived in NYC this evening (quickie photo shoot tomorrow) and -- because I was with two guys -- there was immediate talk about dinner, no question about appetizers or desserts. Of course we had three courses! None of this "oh, does anyone want to split a salad with me?"

After dinner, we walked through the still 85-degrees-and-90%-humidity night back to the hotel. I felt a little creaky from the plane ride (6 hours of screaming children!) and I knew I needed to try to get a run in. So I went downstairs to the "state-of-the-art" fitness center... if that's the state of the art of fitness, things are pretty sad. But it was empty, had a treadmill, and a tv where I watched mindless programming for 30 minutes while walking 5, running 20, and walking 5 more : 2.89 miles in total.

Two runs in a row? Will I run on Saturday for the trifecta?

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