Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday run

A compromise run today -- given our busy weekend we didn't really have time for a 5-mile run (especially given how slow I've been running!). So we drove to Green Lake, walked 5 minutes to warm up, and then ran 3 miles in a 5:1 run:walk pattern. Wil kept us going at a pretty good clip, which made it hard for me, but he said he really enjoyed running without thinking about his heart rate... which made him feel more relaxed. The first two sets were a real struggle (for me; Wil breezed right along!), but then numbers three through five were okay. We hit the three mile mark midway through our 6th cycle, so we stopped and walked back as our cooldown.

I feel pretty good about the run -- I remembered to keep my shoulders relaxed, so I felt better at the end. And we did a good job of stretching, too, so I don't feel stiff. Happy that we're back on track.

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