Monday, June 2, 2008

Hello again...

The soreness in my right foot got worse, rather than better, in the days after the half marathon. By Wednesday I was limping and in a lot of pain, so Thursday morning I went to see the sports doctor. (How big of a dork am I that it was sorta exciting to see a sports doctor?) He diagnosed severe tendonitis because of how much I pronate on the right foot. He told me he sometimes puts people in immobilizing boots but told me if I just kept off it and RICEd if for a few days I should be fine. When I saw my physical therapist the next day he did an ultrasound -- I don't actually know what it was for, but basically I lay there while the tech said "Does that hurt?" and "How are you feeling now?" while I felt nothing but giggly. And, no, my foot isn't pregnant.

Anyway, that kept me from running for a while -- though it didn't keep us from going on a glorious vacation in the southwest. It -- and the snow -- did keep us from running at the Grand Canyon, but hey. I was so careful that by Saturday morning it felt great... but then I spent the whole day wandering around Las Vegas in kicky little flats with no arch support... which set me back a bit. Apparently I need proper stability shoes all the time.

Then a week getting back to work, settled, and such... which means we've not run or done anything more strenuous than a gentle day hike since, oh, May 11. But we're back.

I spent the weekend studying and comparing and customizing various marathon training programs and plotting out our run workouts between now and January 11. Of course, I plotted them on paper and haven't forced them into iCalendar yet -- so you'll just have to trust me.

Today's workout was 30 minutes of cross training. Wil chose "mow the crazy overgrown lawn" while I chose "dust of my bike and ride it in the trainer". And while I broke a sweat for 30 minutes, Wil was wrestling the the mower, the rake, and the yard waste bin for nearly 90. Tomorrow I will go for my first run -- very mellow, a run-walk combo for 30 minutes plus warm-up and cool-down. Hopefully my foot will be okay.

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