Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I love Nike+... I hate Nike+

Running along today on the treadmill at the gym in Seattle. 22 minutes into a 37-minute run. Suddenly, I hear "workout paused... press the center button to continue your workout". Rowr.

So I press the center button... try to run with particularly heavy tread.... wiggle the receiver in the bottom of the Nano... nothing. So I stop the treadmill and turn the Nano on and off.


I try again. Each time I'm told "walk around to activate your sensor". There I am, in a crowded gym, stomping along, trying to get the iPod to recognize the sensor.


Wil and I did a little research on the Nike+ forums. The battery in the sensor isn't rechargable or replaceable... but it's supposed to last for "1000 hours". Or at least a year. I've only had 20 workouts with this sensor, so it's a bit early... Luckily, you can send off for a "free" replacement -- as long as you're under warranty. You can even do it online, though I thought they needed to finess the language on their form. I *think* I'll only be charged $21.00 if I don't return the defective part after I receive my replacement. Actually, I'm sure of that, but the language is a little funky. Still, I was impressed with their online "troubleshooting" tool and will be pleased when my new sensor arrives... hopefully soon.

I did manage to record just over 2 miles today; about a mile and a half less than I wanted to run.

What's silly is how quickly I've become lured in by Nike+. I love seeing the runs, seeing my progress towards my goals, seeing the challenges. So it's stupidly frustrating when it doesn't record my work. Yes, I know, I've still done the important thing -- the running. But it would be nice to see it recorded!

But, well, "it just works"...

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